Friday, July 2, 2010

So this is what happens

Every year in the Christmas season I wondered why didn't I start sooner on Christmas presents, next year will be different. I think we all thought with this blog to keep us going we'd have a closet full of presents already. I don't but I'm sure somebody out there does.
So what happened to my plans? I always find I can sew and craft like crazy right after Christmas and the month of January because I'm still in the Christmas spirit. We forget that after Christmas we have birthday presents, Valentine stuff, Easter or spring outfits and working on Christmas presents falls to the back burner or gets turned all the way off.
Each month I think I can make something to put on the blog and than the month has passed and it's whoops that didn't happen. I haven't even had time to get on Sewing Mama's lately. We have 6 months till Christmas and I will try to at least make something each month. (hopefully) !! What about you? How is your Christmas closet?

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