Monday, September 21, 2015


The past years have been another of a series of busy times in our lives.  As Christmas gets closer and closer,  I realize how my goals for a handmade Christmas have once again fallen short.

We've been blessed with graduations, marriages, life decisions and personal issues that have turned into positive events.  May God Bless you this Christmas and every Christmas!

Now.... let's get the Christmas Party Started !

Shouting out to all of our authors of the "A Year of Christmas!" blog to help get this active again.  I miss the days when we used to chat and sew and chat and sew.....

Lets warm up the sewing machines with a cute, quick and simple scarf great for gift giving and keeping the chill winds away !

The scarf consists of two t-shirts cut from hem, over and including the shoulder seam to the other hem.   I cut my scarf about 8-10 wide.

Leaving the edges raw, sew the two pieces together on all four sides.  

Now the cut outs..... I used a leaf appliqué pattern.  Trace it onto a water soluble stabilizer and pin to the scarf.   Sew on the lines using the stitch or your choice.   Tear away as much as the stabilizer as possible and spray or blot with a damp cloth to remove any stray stabilizer caught in the threads.   Using appliqué scissors, cut away between the lines as much as you would like to reveal the back layer of the scarf.

And now the fringe.   Cut one inch strips 12-16 inches long.  Pull on each to cause it to curl.  Cut small holes in the scarf just above the stitching line on each end of the scarf.   Loop the fringe strips through and knot as desired.

WALA !  a quick , easy scarf !  This project takes about 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours depending on your skill level and the difficulty of your cut away appliqué design.

Until next time..... keep warm !

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